vrijdag 16 november 2012

Great way to cherish those cards

I have lots and lots of bags and boxes in my drawer filled with all kind of cards. I saw a great idea on Pinterest the other day. Someone put all her holiday pictures together with a binder ring. I thought it was a great idea. I'm gonna do that one day as well. I have tons of pictures, hotelbrochures, boardingpasses etc lying around the house.

But first I had to get rid of all those bags and boxes. So I bought binder rings and put the boxes on my table to see what kind of cards were in it.

I found two boxes filled with cards which we received after the birth of our two children. I want to keep those forever so I can give them to both my daughters when they are grown up.

I tried to order the cards by size and then punched holes in it at the top. Then I secured them with the binder ring. It’s so easy but so nice to do. I will buy a nice ribbon soon so I can attach that to the binder ring to make is even more special.

You can also put your birth announcement at the front. That’s what I am gonna do next.

My next projects with binder rings will be my holiday picture, wedding pictures, honeymoonpictures and the holidaycards my children get from their grandmother.

And for Christmas I will hang the binder ring on my wall so I can put all the received Christmascards on it.

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